The Choice

[PDF] The Choice | by ✓ Suzanne Woods Fisher [PDF] The Choice | by ✓ Suzanne Woods Fisher - The Choice, The Choice With a vibrant fresh style Suzanne Woods Fisher brings readers into the world of a young Amish woman torn between following the man she loves or joining the community of faith that sustains her even

  • Title: The Choice
  • Author: Suzanne Woods Fisher
  • ISBN: 9780800733858
  • Page: 133
  • Format: Paperback

[PDF] The Choice | by ✓ Suzanne Woods Fisher, The Choice, Suzanne Woods Fisher, The Choice With a vibrant fresh style Suzanne Woods Fisher brings readers into the world of a young Amish woman torn between following the man she loves or joining the community of faith that sustains her even as she questions some of the decisions of her elders Her choice begins a torrent of change for her and her family including a marriage of convenience to silent Daniel MillWith a vibrant

The Choice

[PDF] The Choice | by ✓ Suzanne Woods Fisher [PDF] The Choice | by ✓ Suzanne Woods Fisher - The Choice, The Choice With a vibrant fresh style Suzanne Woods Fisher brings readers into the world of a young Amish woman torn between following the man she loves or joining the community of faith that sustains her even The Choice choice Choice is an independent, transparent and trusted buying resource Our mission is to help consumers and businesses make smarter, better, faster and informed decisions At Choice, users can easily research, filter, and compare products and services. Choice Hotels Find Hotel Rooms Reservations Choice Privileges membership required This is an advance purchase, pre paid rate that is eligible for Choice Privileges points or Airline Rewards No refunds if cancelled or changed Your credit card will be charged for the total amount within hours of booking. dealnews We would like to show you a description here but the site won t allow us. First Choice Credit Union People Helping People. Welcome to First Choice Credit Union People Helping People We are the financial center that serves all who live or work in Wood, Marathon, Clark, and Portage counties, as well as, their immediate families Make Us Your First Choice Click here to check out our current events and Newsletter Hours of Choice of Games LLC Try our multiple choice games and interactive novels Also available for Steam, iPhone, Android, Kindle, Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux. Choice University Online Log In This program is brought to you by Choice University, and it s designed to support you in your quest to be the best When you participate in this online training, you acknowledge that you re doing so at the direction of your hotel s ownership or management. First Choice Health Benefits Administration fchn Object Moved This document may be found here Agents Choice Insurance Agency Agents trust Agents Choice with their declines and cancellations for auto SR , non owner and other high risk non standard vehicles and dwelling vacant home, seasonal dwellings, flood, manufactured housing Hotel Booking Apps for iPhone and Android Choice Hotels With the Choice Hotels mobile app, planning your next trip and enjoying your Choice Privileges rewards is a snap or tap Book from anywhere Use the app to search for hotels in your destination, see photos, virtual tours and guest reviews, then book your room at the lowest rate. Superior Choice Credit Union Superior Choice CU Superior Choice Credit Union offers a number of savings accounts and certificates that can help grow your funds with competitive rates, so get started today Get Started Open a Checking Account If you want to earn cash back on purchases, earn dividends on your balance, or manage your funds online, our checking accounts can help

  • [PDF] The Choice | by ✓ Suzanne Woods Fisher
    133Suzanne Woods Fisher
The Choice

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  1. I m going to be honest with you I read this because it was a free Kindle book In the end, I loved it To give you a little background I was raised in a mixed religion household my father is Jewish, my mother is Catholic and I do not consider myself a religious person I expected this book to be too religious for me, but I was really surprised.Carrie is an Amish girl, part of the Plain Folks society of Lancaster PA I expected a sort of Boy Meets Girl storyline but WHEW, there are twists and turns l [...]

  2. This is the first book I ve read from author Suzanne Woods Fisher and it certainly won t be my last I enjoy how Suzanne writes, as her writing style was easy to read and the captivating story kept it hard to put down I read The Choice in a day in a half and am so sad that the story is over I m really look forward to books in the Lancaster County Secrets Series The Choice is a tale full of moral values, family, faith, and tragedy I was quite intrigued learning about the Amish ways as I ve always [...]

  3. Up until recently I have been wary of picking up Amish fiction simply because they seem to be so repetitive in themes and storyline Over the past 2 years or so there has been an influx of new authors in the bonnet fiction genre that are really bringing a freshness to books focused around the Amish way of life I am excited to say that Suzanne Woods Fisher is one of those great new authors Her first foray into Amish fiction, The Choice, deals with a young woman facing the difficulty of choosing be [...]

  4. After the sudden death of her father, Carrie s plans to run away with beau Sol are changed in favour of raising her younger brother Andy Angry with her decision, Sol leaves her and their faith behind for a chance of becoming a baseball star Meanwhile, Carrie concerned with the future and well being of her brother decides to marry a young man named Daniel and become baptised into the Amish church She and Andy move onto a new farm with Daniel, his father and Grandmother Yonnie In a bid to get to k [...]

  5. My first response to this book after I finished was WOW This book had twists and turns then I ever expected The book starts out with Carrie in love with Solomon He is Amish but loves baseball and has been playing behind the back of his community He gets drafted to play as a pitcher and wants Carrie to come with him She wants to but days before they are set to leave a tragic even changes everything and she remains behind heartbroken She ends up marring Daniel to get her and her brother out of th [...]

  6. I ultimately liked the resolution of this, but good lord, the number of deaths I don t think I ve read anything with that high a body count outside a book where there are actually battles taking place.

  7. A beautifully written book Love the descriptions of Amish life they re woven into the story so naturally The characters are alive in this book.

  8. I know, I know another Amish book I thought the same thing Just how many haystack dinners, Sunday Singings, Shoo Fly pies and general gemutlichkeit can one person take, huh But, The Choice is different than many other Amish fiction books I ve read Here you ll find the typical gentle, slow moving Amish life on steroids There are deaths, multiple trips to the hospital, accidents, marriages, widowings is that a word suffice it to say that you will not be bored with The Choice.The book centers aroun [...]

  9. One of the things I liked about Fisher s novel is that the characters seem believable sometimes so than other Amish novels on the market today.Fisher said she is very deliberate about making her characters realistic for readers Some of it comes from giving characters flaws, so that they become believable, Fisher explained Readers can identify with a character when he she isn t perfect One of those realistic characters is Steelhead, who unexpectedly appears in the novel and shows his faith in a [...]

  10. I think this book is a perfect example of why any one thought, religion, or practice can be too rigid There are times in the book when I wanted to strangle Carrie for being so thoughtless and unbending Jesus gave us Grace to live under so that we aren t bound by strict rules and regimens that leave no gray areas I cannot imagine telling my sister that even though we worship the same God, read the same Bible, and share the same feelings towards faith being a part of our daily lives, that I would [...]

  11. One moment Carrie Weaver was looking forward to running away with Lancaster Barnstormers pitcher Solomon Riehl plans that included leaving the Amish community where they grew up The next moment she was staring into a future as broken as her heart Now, Carrie is faced with a choice But will this opportunity be all she hoped Or will this decision, this moment in time, change her life forever back cover copy, The Choice For Carrie Weaver, it s all about choices, tough ones Deciding whether to follo [...]

  12. My Synopsis The Choice Lancaster Country Secrets Series Book 1 by Suzanne Woods FisherIn The Choice, the first book in the Suzanne Woods Fisher s new Lancaster County Secrets series, Carrie Weaver is forced to decide between her life in the Amish community where she grew up and the unknown world outside.When her father dies suddenly, Carrie enters into a marriage of convenience to provide a home for herself and her brother, Andy But, her broken heart keeps her from becoming totally committed to [...]

  13. This was a sweet story, full of faith, dedication to family community, and forgiveness.Carrie Weaver has many choices to make in this story, but the one that affects her life the most is whether to leave her Amish home and family to run away with the love of her life That choice shapes the rest of her life, and takes her down a path that in the end, helps her find true, fulfilling happiness.What I liked The characters were likable, the plot was unexpected with a couple of twist and turns, and I [...]

  14. I feel biased I admit I rate lighter on Amish fiction.I LOVED how Fisher put in the cons of Amish life as well All the Amish fiction I ve read has a little bit of a holier than thou , detached depiction of their lives As if the Plain way is the only way that is right I loved how Fisher brought in both The peace of Amish life, but also the conflict.What I didn t like was, I suppose, the redundance of Amish fiction I can ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS predict what is going to happen They all run on the same [...]

  15. Here s what I liked about the book I learned some fascinating things about the Amish culture I wouldn t have known otherwise While the book shared some positives and negatives about the Amish lifestyle, it didn t seem like propaganda to convince the reader that the Amish are either all good or all bad I couldn t tell which way the story was going to go and it was refreshing to not be able to predict the ending There were several plot lines twisted together, not so much to complicate the book, bu [...]

  16. Simply enjoyable This is truly a story that shows how each choice you make carries a consequence Sometimes those consequences are good and sometimes they are filled with sorrow and regret While she loves her Amish world, Carrie s life hasn t been easy with a prickly step mother and a father and brother who suffer from hemophilia But, when she falls in love with Sol, nothing else matters After heartbreak and disappointment, however, she chooses a different path one that keeps her within the Amish [...]

  17. I wanted to give this book than 3 stars because it was a good read but there is such a heavy, sad feel to the story that I couldn t do it So much tragedy including a disappointing end to Carrie Sol s relationship, numerous deaths, barn fires, trips to the hospital and people being forced to choose between religion and true love was just too much for me I believe if there had been happy moments sprinkled throughout all the heaviness it would have lightened things up I only remember Carrie smilin [...]

  18. This was a wonderful story, captivating and gives a real understanding of being Amish It was wrote well and a lot of detail It was so good it was hard to put it down Suzanne shows how things work out when we trust the Lord and learn to forgive and accept forgiveness from God and others I would recommend this book and am so glad that I got it to read.

  19. This is the first Amish book I have finished reading from the beginning to the end I tried an Amish novel a few years ago, but couldn t get passed chapter one Therefore, my finishing it should say a lot about this novel It grabbed my attention the way it was written, the intriguing story plot, and the engaging characters One of the things that surprised me about this book was the fact that it contained an element of suspense to a murder mystery There was one plot twist I didn t see coming and I [...]

  20. My Thoughts About The Book I am a huge fan of Suzanne Woods Fisher and have read many of her books and must say I have enjoyed them all This book is no exception This book is the first in a series so I got to meet the characters from the very beginning This was nice I was immediately drawn into the book and felt as if I had known Carrie for a long time This was my first Amish book that was filled with so many life altering issues I could not believe all the problems that just kept popping up I f [...]

  21. Carrie Weaver is in love with Solomon Riehl, and shares a life changing secret with him In a community where movies, cars, electricity and bicycles are banned, Sol s baseball pitching contract weighs heavily on their minds Carrie s family isn t fond of Sol, so their relationship must also be kept a secret When Carrie s father dies, Sol asks Carrie to run away with him and be married As much as Carrie loves Sol, she s terrified of leaving her 9 year old brother Andy, with their overbearing step m [...]

  22. This book is a change of pace from what I normally read This being said I did really enjoy the book s diversity and overall feeling of hope and peace This book represents the very simple things in life that most of us have forgotten in the hussle and bussle of life with all of it s modern conveniences I think for me reading this book was about or getting to see things for how simple they really are instead of missing out on what is truly beautiful knowing God s love for us This book simply shows [...]

  23. I have been always been fascinated with the Amish and their lifestyle I can t even begin to say enough good things about this book This is the first of Suzanne Woods Fisher s books that I ve ever read and I can definitely say that it won t be the last The emotions that the characters felt were well portrayed and any reader, whether they ve gone through similar circumstances or not, can relate to what each character must be feeling at any given time I could not put it down The book starts off wit [...]

  24. For a free book I picked up on my kindle, this wasn t half bad I will admit, I was blown away in surprise at one part and slightly surprised by another which is different for me Usually, I can see exactly where a book is headed So kudos to the author for that.I will admit, having read quite a few Amish books the writing manner of this one in describing the Amish and their belief s, interactions, daily life seemed a bit dull and lifeless to me, but looking at all the reviews on here I m pretty su [...]

  25. I rarely read religious books I hate having someone s views thrust down my throat but this was recommended to me and I started reading it much as I would a sci fi AU story with world building and a totally different way of life And it worked I didn t get uppity about the religious aspects, or the seemingly incomprehensible to me at any rate ability of people to be so darned NICE in the face of real unpleasantness In some places it dragged, and there was a fair amount of repetition, but the story [...]

  26. wonderful story by Suzanne Woods Fisher book 1 in the Lancaster co secrets, Choice , this was about Carrie and the choices she had to make in her life I like reading bout the simple life of the amish and sometimes in maturing they make choices that arent always the best ones and then have to live with those choices This is something we all have to do in our lives I am ready for book 2 to see how these choices made some of the folks lives change, was it for better or worse

  27. This is the 1st book in the series found it very good, i enjoyed the twists turns not your typical book with the different people in the book My only moan was i felt the ending could have been dealt with better now not sure if they will be carried over in to the other books in the series, i did like the ending for Emma

  28. This is NOT your average Amish fiction book The author wasted no time educating us about the Amish culture I have read a few now and this one is different The story line was varied, interesting and hard to put down You will love it Even if you have had your fill of shunning and buggy accidents.

  29. I knew pretty early on that this wasn t going to work for me, but there were so many plot twists I had to keep reading to see what would happen next Major spoilers view spoiler Her father dies early on and then she gets married to the marriage of convenience guy in the synopsis Then HE dies Well no, first HIS father dies Then no one dies for a while, but there s some arson Finally, the grandma dies I was a little worried the little brother was going to last minute die, but he was okay And while [...]

  30. I missed the Lancaster County Secrets series first time round so I m catching up now This one is so full of the unexpected that I don t quite no where to begin Aptly entitled, The Choice, this story carries through all the ramifications a single choice can make And I was completely captivated by the chain reaction of events that followed I can t say too much because there are so many surprising twists and turns in the plot and I don t want to post any spoilers As always though, I love this autho [...]

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