How German Is It (Wie Deutsch ist es)

[PDF] How German Is It (Wie Deutsch ist es) | by ✓ Walter Abish [PDF] How German Is It (Wie Deutsch ist es) | by ✓ Walter Abish - How German Is It (Wie Deutsch ist es), How German Is It Wie Deutsch ist es The question HOW GERMAN IS IT underlies the conduct and actions of the characters in Walter Abish s new novel an icy panorama of contemporary Germany in which the tradition of order and obedience t

  • Title: How German Is It (Wie Deutsch ist es)
  • Author: Walter Abish
  • ISBN: 9780811207768
  • Page: 465
  • Format: Paperback

[PDF] How German Is It (Wie Deutsch ist es) | by ✓ Walter Abish, How German Is It (Wie Deutsch ist es), Walter Abish, How German Is It Wie Deutsch ist es The question HOW GERMAN IS IT underlies the conduct and actions of the characters in Walter Abish s new novel an icy panorama of contemporary Germany in which the tradition of order and obedience the patrimony of the saber and the castle on the Rhine give way to the present indiscriminate fascination with all things American On his return from Paris to hi

How German Is It (Wie Deutsch ist es)

[PDF] How German Is It (Wie Deutsch ist es) | by ✓ Walter Abish [PDF] How German Is It (Wie Deutsch ist es) | by ✓ Walter Abish - How German Is It (Wie Deutsch ist es), How German Is It Wie Deutsch ist es The question HOW GERMAN IS IT underlies the conduct and actions of the characters in Walter Abish s new novel an icy panorama of contemporary Germany in which the tradition of order and obedience t How German Is It (Wie Deutsch ist es) Radio China International CRI Wenn man einen Mangel verstrkt, um einen berschuss zu frdern Die internationale Wohlttigkeitsorganisation Oxfam berichtete krzlich, dass whrend der COVID Pandemie Millionen Menschen in die Armut gedrngt worden seien, whrend sich das Vermgen der zehn reichsten Menschen der Welt in den vergangenen zwei Jahren verdoppelt ris geltendefassung RIS Informationsangebote We would like to show you a description here but the site won t allow us. ris geltendefassung RIS Informationsangebote We would like to show you a description here but the site won t allow us. MoneyGram in The United States Find a Location, Send MoneyGram in The United States Find a Location, Send Rheinbahn Die bisher von der Abellio Rail GmbH bedienten Verkehre werden zum Februar von DB Regio NRW, National Express und VIAS Rail bernommen. Acer sterreich Notebooks, Desktops, Chromebooks Um sicherzustellen, dass Sie das bestmgliche Erlebnis haben, verwendet diese Website Profiling Cookies von Drittanbietern Klicken Sie hier, um mehr ber diese Cookies und das ndern Ihrer Einstellungen zu erfahren.Indem Sie dieses Fenster schlieen oder weiterhin auf der Website surfen, stimmen Sie der Nutzung dieser Cookies zu. Noom Keine Diten mehr Sondern langfristige Ergebnisse. Bereit, auf Diten zu verzichten Starte mit Noom Das Abnehmprogramm, das von Psychologen entwickelt wurde und langfristige Ergebnisse erzielen kann. German American Social Club of Cape Coral, Florida Dec , Where German and American Culture Meets The German American Social Club of Cape Coral was founded as a non political organization in July with a charter membership of The purpose of the Club, then and now, is to promote good fellowship with a variety of social activities, to perpetuate traditional German festivals such as Diddls Homepage Offizielle Internetseite der Diddl Maus Die Website von Diddl fr Kinder und Fans mit jeder Menge Informationen rund um die berhmte Kultmaus. dexiv We would like to show you a description here but the site won t allow us.

  • [PDF] How German Is It (Wie Deutsch ist es) | by ✓ Walter Abish
    465Walter Abish
How German Is It (Wie Deutsch ist es)

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  1. the mind is so created that it habitually sets up standards of perfection for everything for marriage and for driving, for love affairs and for garden furniture, for table tennis and for gas ovens, for faces and for something as petty as the weather And then, having established these standards, it sets up other standards of comparison, which serve, if nothing else, to confirm in the minds of most people that a great many things are less than perfect Walter Abish may appear to be contemplatively [...]

  2. Fantastic book, and strange I d never heard of it until recently I guess that the limited audience for such a book equals limited air time If you are not German and even if you are or don t have a particular interest in Germany, this book could bore you But I ate it up I am the target audience From the perspective of the 70 s, which are grotesque enough, the author takes on Germany, its culture and society and its heavy history The weight of the past, the haunting and shame and guilt The book ha [...]

  3. One of the best experimental procedural novels, full stop All the amazing for Abish having never been to Germany yet so as to not color his titular question one way or another Well Vie Deutsch Ist Es There will be a quiz Bring your Blue Books.

  4. How German is it meaning life, existence and or Germanness itself Well, from the book s POV plus my own epxerience after 3 years as a foreigner in Germany I d say thay it is very, very German indeed And probably the irony and the power of the very essence of Germanness is that it can be both a fascinating and a terrifying thing.Consider what I experienced about 2 months ago I need to apply for a drivers license because there is no recirpocity between Germany and my home US state, despite the fac [...]

  5. It took me much longer than expected to finish this book Not because it was dull or even particularly slow moving It was due to the lifestyles of the characters and the meandering nature of the narrative Abish writes here of the New Germany and its generation that was born during or at the close of WWII The plot focuses on the two sons of Ulrich von Hargenau, an anti Nazi activist executed for his role in the 1944 plot to assassinate Hitler Helmuth is a prosperous architect and Ulrich is a writ [...]

  6. A young Walter Abish and his parents fled Austria in the late 1930s and after the better part of two decades first in Shanghai, then Israel, he came to America, finally beginning to publish English fiction and poetry in his early 40s This is probably his most famous novel, set in Germany in the 70s where the Nazi past sits uneasily and the left wing terrorist present has grabbed center stage The former is illustrated by a town renamed after a contemporary philosopher where the past is literally [...]

  7. This is the kind of book you start reading, and you immediately get very excited about So, you keep on plowing through the interesting and sad characters, and the interesting and sad data and information and history about Germans and Germany, and then, somewhere mid way through or so, you go, Oh, crap, I already read this book, and already thought these same exact things The book is deja vu, the same thing every single time Rather than coming back to a book you ve read and loved once before and [...]

  8. This is one of the memorable novels I ve read in the last five years.There was one scene that blew me away the protagonist visits his brother, who has another visitor, the mayor and his wife While the brother and the mayor play tennis, it becomes clear at least to me that the brother and the mayor s wife are having an affair Abish gets this across deftly, and with very few brushstrokes And, until later in the book, we don t get confirmation of this, but when we do it s welcome and pleasing as a [...]

  9. Ah Experimental fiction Modernism or post modernism Whatever I love Germany I love the culture, I love most of the literature, I love the language and the history But throw those things together into an experimental hodge podge Apparently not so much.Ulrich is the son of a high ranking military officer who had been executed for his part in the plot to assassinate Hitler in 1944 And from there the plot and sub plot becomes so multi layered I wanted to hurt someone.This isn t a bad book, but one t [...]

  10. Literary trickster, Walter Abish, was a late bloomer His first novel, Duel Site 1970 , did not appear until Abish was turning forty His second novel, Alphabetical Africa 1974 , cemented his reputation Each chapter of that book played pseudo alliterative rules the first chapter began with each word beginning with the letter a, the second would add the letter b, the third c and so on, until chapter 27 when a letter was taken away until chapter 52 A brief flurry of publishing through the 1970s was [...]

  11. I am absolutely in love with this book and probably wouldn t have picked it up if I wasn t hi jacking a friend s reading list for my own selfish gains thanks Eric Even after reading the back summary, trying to process the cover photo, and attempting to understand where Abish fit into literature somewhere in the 70s Barthelme burn all the rules down in a weird humorous way slice of things, I believe , I still may have taken my time starting this one.What I found was a calmly sinister, subtly iron [...]

  12. Not sure if this book is devilishly funny or just devilish Anyway, it got me laughing out loud Don t know what that says about me, because the novel seems to be an attempt to account for the excesses of German fascism Set 34 years after the fall of the Third Reich, it follows the lives of a number of hateful characters, during a period of several months, as they do their best to appear perfect to the rest of the world while behaving despicably to each other.The plot, if there is one, is a rambli [...]

  13. How German Is it one of these books you read when you are young and don t understand at all I had read when i was in my last twenties and thought it was good , ok good not much than that Now I reread it years and years later and I find it devastating reaching deep in your body and grabbing your heart out A German who might have been part of a terrorist group, or not, who might have been a yellow who denounced a terrorist group to save his girlfriend, or maybe to save himself, returns to Germany [...]

  14. How German is it As others have said, perhaps too much I fear I lack deeper understanding of its political, cultural and philosophical nuances I was a young adult in the late seventies when the novel is set so it isn t that I am too young to remember when Germany was still run by the generation that came of age during or immediately after the Nazi era I remember Baader Meinhof and other radical left militant groups, the Iron Curtain, the Berlin Wall and Cold War paranoia, the West German economi [...]

  15. Although this book has simple German phrases peppered in here and there, it was written in English I would not rank it among my all time favorite novels, but I think it is a great read, especially for anyone of German heritage The question posed by the title certainly captures the central dilemma of the characters in the story, caught between a tradition of order, emotional reserve, and cold analysis of facts, and the pervasive presence of American consumer culture in late twentieth century Euro [...]

  16. With a title like this and a last name like mine , how could I not read this book Abish both creates a unique narrative and explores the nature of being German Some part of the human condition is finding a way to live through and past difficult events How does a person do this How can a town or a people live past events that are infamous and unforgivable The larger questions of German s history and future are explored through the nature and history of the novel s characters.Part of the book s st [...]

  17. Abish is amazing this book unfolds so slowly and carefully, so much discipline and control He s not like them, but if you likeW.G Sebald orThe Good Soldier A Tale of Passion this may also crank your dial It has that same awe inspiring feeling of being planned down to the last letter, while still seeming to reveal itself completely organically Anyway tops One of the best things I ve read.

  18. Just happened to read this at the precise point in which to maximize its enjoyment I ve studied just enough deutsch to get the German asides, and having recently moved to Berlin I laughed out loud in agreement with Abish s insights i.e the German inclination to combine what is essentially perfection with what is menacing Also, I read this in the final vomitous days of Trump s bid for the US presidency, in a state of global apocalyptic hysteria.

  19. The book is so freakishly complex It does full justice to an exploration of post war Germany with necessary nuance and memory play, as well as dark humor The shifting associations and allegiances are deftly handled and, despite the difficulty it adds to reading the novel, Abish s manipulation of time perspective is dazzling and worthwhile I will have to reread this soon It is a hardened gem.

  20. I actually really loved the pace and tone of this book I would say that it gave me a better glimpse at post war Germany than anything I ve watched or read recently especially Deutschland 83 That being said, it s not an epic, and therefore, I m hesitant to give it 5 stars I m saving those only for things that literally knock me over.

  21. Experimental fiction wins the PEN Faulkner Wasn t a fan I did learn some about Germany as the book was educational at times However it was a real yawn and took strength to press through and finish.

  22. Excellent, bitingly sarcastic portrayal of Germany and its tortured history regarding WWII I would very much recommend this to anyone interested in modern Germany or Germany s take on its own fascist past apparently not too much has changed in that regard since this book was written.

  23. I really loved the very first section of this, which cleaved closely to a single character s POV Once the book shifts, it doesn t always succeed When it does it s thrilling Sadly, I m stalled 3 4 of the way through.

  24. How German Is It is quite German Much reflection with characters discussing all sorts of issues they consider meaningful This is pretty much what one finds in German TV serials Could not get through it But it is better than reading Peter Handke s Across.

  25. Time to re read Wie Deutsch Ist Es I think.Update Read it while on holiday in France and it s as compelling as ever There s an essay by John Updike on one of Walter Abish s later books newyorker archive 2004

  26. Wish I d read this years ago Disturbing and stirring I fear that these issues are being buried and will rise again After finishing, I abandoned the book on Amtrak Northeast Hope someone else wants it.

  27. Changed my perspective of what fiction can be do Brilliant, and well deserved winner of the PEN Faulker Fiction Award All early Abish books should be read by anyone interested in the convergence of media and literature.

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