Braced to Bite

[PDF] Read ☆ Braced to Bite : by Serena Robar [PDF] Read ☆ Braced to Bite : by Serena Robar - Braced to Bite, Braced to Bite Colby Blanchard had it all Head cheerleader Popular friends Hottest date and a no brainer for Homecoming Court Colby s got a nearly perfect life ask anybody until she gets bit Some random vamp gets hi

  • Title: Braced to Bite
  • Author: Serena Robar
  • ISBN: 9780425237649
  • Page: 358
  • Format: Paperback

[PDF] Read ☆ Braced to Bite : by Serena Robar, Braced to Bite, Serena Robar, Braced to Bite Colby Blanchard had it all Head cheerleader Popular friends Hottest date and a no brainer for Homecoming Court Colby s got a nearly perfect life ask anybody until she gets bit Some random vamp gets his fangs into her and suddenly everything s different She s different To make matters worse she s only a half blood vampire not a full one Now instead of HomecomiColby Blanchard had

Braced to Bite

[PDF] Read ☆ Braced to Bite : by Serena Robar [PDF] Read ☆ Braced to Bite : by Serena Robar - Braced to Bite, Braced to Bite Colby Blanchard had it all Head cheerleader Popular friends Hottest date and a no brainer for Homecoming Court Colby s got a nearly perfect life ask anybody until she gets bit Some random vamp gets hi Braced to Bite

  • [PDF] Read ☆ Braced to Bite : by Serena Robar
    358Serena Robar
Braced to Bite

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  1. Jeez, you d thing dying would grant you some small privileges, but noooooo 4 word review Delightful dental deficient dhamphirFriend, you best run out and grab this little juvenile YA book, because I am not a very generous rater yet Braced to Bite B2B gets 4 solid puncture marks B2B seems aimed at tweens or younger teens rather than the 17 crowd, but I got some good laughs out of it and I m an adult, allegedly Maybe I really needed this fun break from all the morose dystopias, brooding bloodsuck [...]

  2. Find this and other reviews, plus fun stuff, on my blogs Booklikes or Blogspot Basic InfoFormat Paperback Pages Length 228pgsGenre Young Adult VampireReason For Reading Challenge At A GlanceLove Triangle Insta Love Obsession No Cliff Hanger NoTriggers n aRating 3.5 starsScore SheetAll out of tenCover 7Plot 8Characters 6World Building 7Flow 7Series Congruity n a Writing 7Ending 5Total 7In DepthBest Part The title working into the book Worst Part MCThoughts Had Interesting for sure ConclusionConti [...]

  3. Braced to bite was an easy and fast read I finished this book in four hours and I enjoyed it a lot There were some parts in the book that did bother me, but I will get to that in a bit.What I liked the most about this book was Colby She was very funny and VERY bold She was not afraid of anything and knew just what buttons to push This book was only 224 pages and had a little bit of everything I found myself laughing out loud so many times and rooting for Thomas and Colby Now, what I did not like [...]

  4. Colby is your average over achieving cheerleader on the fast track to college and homecoming queen But her plans are changed when she is attacked by a rogue vampire Soon she finds out that her future depends on the Vampire tribunal who really don t like new Half Vampires With help from her family and friends, she prepares to face the most important test of her life return return I really enjoyed this book It is funny and interesting Her family s reaction is great Really quick read I know I will [...]

  5. 2.5 StarsI had a proper review planned for this in my head But I just finished the second book in this series, which has me ticked off, and I have a bitch of a headache from binge watching White Collar again so I m gonna keep this to the point.This book is about a girl named Colby One day, while she s going home through the woods in the dark because she s just that smart , she gets attacked and finds out she had turned into a half vampire But half vampires are considered an abomination by the va [...]

  6. Wow This book was AMAZING This story is so unique and entertaining This is just one if the things i love int the book, I love Colby and Piper as friends So This Story Consists of both Full Blood Vampire and Half Blood Vampire Which I like because it just makes the story that much intriguing I Went through this book with nothing than excitement and aw I Love how all the Vampires and have a different look than others, the fact that they look different than any other vampire I have ever read abou [...]

  7. Thanks to Serena Robar and First Reads for the signed copy Braced to Bite is a fun, fast read, and I really liked it Though some parts are pretty predictable, it was still entertaining, and perfect for a plane ride or long road trip Colby is the stereotypical cheerleader, normally completely unappealing to me, but somehow she managed to capture my interest and kept me rooting for her in her crusade to save herself and the future of half blood vampires I m looking forward to the next

  8. This is a cute story Witty and entertaining That s why I gave it a 5 star rating However, I listened to the Audible version and would only give it a 3 star rating The back ground noise trucks and heavy breathing were very distracting through out the entire book.

  9. The Half Blood Vampire series are great for something light and fun All of the books go by quickly so it s very easy to read them all in a very short time span They re funny and engaging however, a bit unrealistic especially after Colby becomes a vampire The fact that her family and best friend, Piper, didn t seem fazed by this fact is just absurd Colby is the main character in this series and she gets assaulted by this vampire, gets thrown off this ravine and becomes a vampire The first thing s [...]

  10. Reviewed by Me for TeensReadTooAs soon as I began reading BRACED2BITE by new author Serena Robar, I was immediately reminded of another one of my favorite vampire series the UNDEAD series by MaryJanice Davidson Both authors have a smart mouthed heroine, an annoying yet total hottie vampire hero, and a set of circumstances that makes you throw everything you ever thought was true about vampires right out the window And believe me when I say that this comparison is not a bad thing Ms Robar has man [...]

  11. 2.5 Stars You silly, vapid, frivolous child I was so glad when I came across that quote in the book because let s face it, Colby Blanchard is exactly that description And yet she s so smart Which is why I couldn t bring myself to like her At all How can you let brains like that go to waste on clothes and whether or not you can lose six pounds so you can stay on the top of the cheerleading pyramind It was almost like two completely different characters The girl who was obsessed with looking prett [...]

  12. BRACED TO BITE, by Serena Robar is a surprisingly cute and fun story I was hesitant with this book but quirky and determined Half Blood Colby kept me on my feet for the whole ride.Robar takes a new approach to vampire rules and customs in this book Half bloods, humans turned into vampires, are not allowed due to the fact that they would pollute the undead population of Pure Blood vampires In so many vampire stories these days, the plot lines don t seriously surprise you I was seriously pleasantl [...]

  13. It was OK I think they should of made it into a bigger book The plot was rushed It was about this young girl cheerleader being attacked by a vampire who makes her a vampire and then throws her into a ravine She then recovers 3 days later as a vampire Or so she thought but then she realizes that she is undead or a half blood vampire not a fully blooded vampire she realizes that when a full vampire tells her I can t really tell u WHY she is A HALF BLOOD NOT A FULL BLOOD bcause it is a looooooooooo [...]

  14. Colby Blanchard is a Type A personality with a little OCD thrown in She s a cheerleader, bossy, determined to be Homecoming Queen, planning to ace college, and a little arrogant too until she is bitten by a rogue vampire and turned into a half vampire who needs blood to survive Unfortunately her fangs won t grow her canines were removed when she was preparing for braces Everything in her life is in upheaval school, friends, and family The vampire who bit her wants her to join him, but he is real [...]

  15. Braced to Bite by Serena Robar was a really good read I won a copy off of I really enjoyed this book and found it a interesting twist on half blood vampires and the vampire society This book follows Colby Blanchard, a 16 year old Captain of the Cheer leading squad and shoe in for homecoming queen Then everything changes when Colby is attacked by a Vampire and changed into a half blood Suddenly Colby no longer fits in, in either the vampire world where she is shunned or the human world, which has [...]

  16. I totally loved this book Made me laugh my head off It was hilarious I liked a lot Colby, Aunt Chloe, Thomas and Piper Colby is a very brave kick ass and often so funny that made me laugh most of the time.Aunt Chloe is awesome she was funny as well some times and a very lovely old lady Thomas is just incredibly sexy and cute and caring How could you not fall in love with him Piper is a very nice girl and a good friend What will happen with Carl Hmmm we ll see in the next book I guess.Colby s par [...]

  17. There is something about cheerleaders crossing over to the dark side that just gets me This book was exciting I loved reading about Colby and loved her attitude She acted just as I thought she would and I enjoyed every minute of it.The one thing about this book was that is was a fun, easy, quick, read The plot and drama was good and nothing was overrated Her maker I was definitely interested in He was very intriguing Also, I like how Colby was feeling attracted to the vamp counsel dude Totaly ir [...]

  18. It was wonderful Epic and funny Just what I needed.I guess I needed a funny YA Vampire book these days The last epic vamp book that I ve enjoyed was Vampire Kisses Novel I ve starved myself long enough and I need a break from serious angsty adult vampires Thank God I found this The story was short and a wee bit weird Nonetheless, I enjoyed it It s different and very amusing Never thought vampires, especially fangless half blood cheer leaders could be so cool I totally LOLed at the fang headgear [...]

  19. Colby Blanchard is an average popular, high school cheerleader, senior at her school Then one night, after a football game she gets ditched by the star quarterback and has to walk home On her way she is attacked and bitten by a vampire and turned When she finally makes it home, the life she knew is now over Turns out she isn t a full fledged vampire but a half blood Not good Half bloods are shunned by the vampire community All Colby wants to do is to go back to her life not so easy when you can [...]

  20. Colby has everything anybody her age could want Captain of her squad, a 4.0 GPA, popularity, and having Aiden as her boyfriend would complete it all But when she is attacked in the woods and comes home two days later her life turns upside down Her skin is pale and her eyes are golden Goth girl Piper the least likely person checks up on her regularly Her two best friends hadn t called about her Aiden blows her off and acts like she doesn t exist Her family tells her she s a half vampire With the [...]

  21. Firstly I d give them book a 6 out of 10 It was a pretty good book I wouldn t reread it though The book had some interesting things in it, like half blood vampires The main character starts off as human and gets turned into a half blood vampire How someone can only be half vampire to me doesn t make sense However she can walk in the sunlight and can function during all hours of the day or night, but she still has to sleep I really don t have a lot to say about the book, because I don t want to g [...]

  22. This book is about a perfect teenage girl named Colby who suddenly decided to walk the short way home Now she is a half blood, not a vampire yet, she didn t get her license yet Her life is basically ruined She don t know who she can trust and she is lost and confused what she should do Vampires mission is to get rid of all half bloods, but when Colby falls in love with one, she don t know what to do.My favorite character is Colby because she does things her own way and doesn t count on others Sh [...]

  23. I read this as part of an ebook box set A friend posted about it on her timeline, and so I decided to give it a go for 99 cents It was okay Colby Blanchard is a vapid, self centered girl who gets attacked and turned into a half blood vampire It s an interesting twist I think this book suffered from the fact that I was reading it just after reading a really excellent YA series It also suffered from the fact that she was describing the place where she lives, which is almost but not quite the place [...]

  24. I really liked reading Braced 2 Bite It was a light, entertaining read that had some humour.I quite liked the story line it was different to other storylines I usually come across The ending was a satisfactory one too.The characters were all pretty cool I felt sorry for Colby and the predicament she was in I also really liked Piper Together, the two of them made for a very interesting book.Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed Braced 2 Bite, it was light and fun I loved that it included humour I d recom [...]

  25. Funny and amusing, this book offers a unique look at the situation a girl gets herself into when she s been changed into a dhampyr a mongrel among the Vampiric society With a prom to plan, an old best friend to become reacquainted with, a hottie Vampire who may just have to kill her , college interviews to attend, homework to do, and a sire that won t give up on stalking her, there s just not a lot of time to get through everything.It s another relaxing read that doesn t take much thought a good [...]

  26. Colby Blanched is the typical 16 year old, interested in boys, clothing and staying head cheerleader Then she is attacked by a a man and put an in old ravine When she wakes up and returns home she has been missing for 48 hours The Vampire Tribunal comes over to serve her with a summons because she is a half blood vampire because The half blood vampires have different abilities and the tribunal says anybody who is a half blood vampire must be destroyed She has to make a case on why she has to liv [...]

  27. This was cute, funny and a little silly and predictable but a fast enjoyable read There are a few flaws but I was in a just go with it mood so I found it to be a good book for when you just want to pass some time with a light non serious read that will make you giggle a little like the whole fangs issue I don t feel like running out to get the next one but if I come across the rest of the series I d be happy to read them.Big Thank You to Serena Robar and First Reads for the chance to read Braced [...]

  28. I really didn t like this author s take on the vampire world I ve read a lot of different books with vampire characters, and these just weren t as entertaining Licenses, and tribunals, and half bloods, etc I certainly wouldn t want to be a vampire or Undead in that world.I also thought it was a bit ridiculous how Colby, and her family and friends were so accepting of the fact that she was a vampire Where is the shock The disbelief I think if I came home and told my parents I was a vampire, they [...]

  29. This is going to be a light read.I love the fact she is a vampire with no fangsI really enjoyed this book.Colby is refreshing She starts out as a little self centered but after she is turned you soon discover how smart and quick witted she really is.In the end it saves her life when she goes up in front of the panel of vampires.Thomas is an enforcer who takes care possible troubled vampires but when he meets Colby he is unsure how took take her.He is not use to her wit and smart mouth but she so [...]

  30. Funny,fresh take on the whole vampire genre Think Cordelia from Buffy the Vampire Slayer becoming a vampire and I think you have a good idea of Colby the MC of Braced to Bite She s a cheerleader and slightly shallow but can also stand up and fight when she has to The braced comes from Colby having her canines removed as a child so she doesn t have fangs as a vampire Her dad an orthodontist makes her a set for eating.drinking This isn t a dark broody type of YA vampire series It s light and fun a [...]

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